S R I J A N   P u b l i c   S c h o o l

Under the auspices of the YOGASHAKTI Educational Society
Recognised by the Govt. of Uttarakhand

About Us | Srijan - An Introduction

Srijan Public School is an English medium school under the auspices of the Yogashakti Educational Society, a subsidiary of the Yogashakti Educational & Charitable Trust.

Founded in 2003, the school is a play school and primary school that goes up till Class VIII. It is situated in the Jakhan locality of Dehradun, in an idyllic setting away from the main city area, surrounded by trees and the charming view of the Himalayas.

Our school is spread over 900 square yards of land, with easy access to Dehradun city yet away from the noise and crowds. The facilities for our students is spread across 4000 sq. ft of built up area.

Smart Board technology

The academic block includes 8 classrooms and an auditorium equipped with a projector and Smart Class technology, an electronic teaching aid, based on a concept developed by the pioneer publishers of India, S. Chand Harcourt, as a part of their "Destination Success" program (a progressive e-learning and digital classroom solution). It utilizes innovative multimedia technology to create individual lesson plans on different subjects, practice assignments and performance reports. Our children have responded well to this as it adds a completely new dimension to their learning experience.

A Smart Class in progress

In the class room, while essentially ours is a State Board School, we prefer to give academic inputs a little above that level. Individual attention to hand writing, spelling and understanding is deemed very importance. During examinations, the children are not sent home after the paper, but stay back for the rest of the school day, to be prepare for the next day's exam. We do this because most of our students come from underprivileged background, and a majority of the parents are not in a position to prepare their wards, being uneducated themselves. Therefore, our teachers give extra attention to our students' academics, in order to make up this shortfall.

We at Srijan believe that all children, regardless of class, caste, religion or sex, carry the promise of the future within themselves. It is our objective to provide affordable, quality education to all, and to create a learning environment that optimizes the full potential that is prevalent in each and every child.

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Mrs. Madhuri Mathur
Late Dr. Kiran Bindra
Mrs. Suman Bhatia
Lt. Col. P.K. Mullick